MichielH“The KenKon retreat was the best start of the new year I could have imagined. My wish was to really let go of old stuff and start a new year fresh. I felt I needed to find something that was deeper and more true than my personal patterns of thinking, old emotions and habits; I also felt a deep desire to let go of all kinds of entanglements with other people and structures in the material world. The retreat at KenKon helped me find open awareness behind it all. It gave me the inner space and peace I longed for, and the remarkable thing was that this open space left behind was filled with wonderful gifts when I came home. And more importantly: while sinking in for five days with Sydney and the other wonderful people at KenKon, it came to me that this, finding open awareness and compassion, is the most important thing I can do in my life. My path for the near and further future became more clear.

Sydney, Berry and the others felt like brothers and sisters, guides and friends. The clear guidance through words and showing the way, the care for the surroundings in all details, the warmth for the people without exception; Kenkon is one of the most remarkable places I know. If you really want to commit to making your life’s journey full, deep, loving and sustainable, I’d recommend you join this retreat next year.”

Michiel Hiemstra Winter-retraite

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