Meditation Seminar

Integrating East & West

Meditation is becoming a widely accepted and meaningful practice. What was first reserved for a small group of free thinkers is now becoming accepted in mainstream health institutions, psychological education, scientific research, business personnel training, etc.

This new wave of interest seems to embark mainly on one basic aspect of the rich meditative traditions from the East. With ‘mindfulness meditation’ as the main focus of interest. However meditative traditions, like Tibetan Buddhism, hold so much more depth, meaning and possible impact on our personal development and mutual liberation, then mindfulness meditation can offer.

To navigate the depth and multitude of these traditions in the West and make them meaningful and effective for our lives, we need people that are deeply rooted in both the traditional practices from the East and in the knowledge and experience of the human psyche that exists in our own culture. Rob Preece is such a person. He has studied Tibetan Buddhism for many decades under the guidance of great teachers and holds a degree in psychology. He meanwhile wrote four groundbreaking books* on the meaningful chemistry between Jungian psychology and Tibetan (tantric) Buddhism.

Anybody with an interest in meditation, Buddhism, psychology, the integration of psychology and spirituality or his or her own inner development and liberation can gain from this seminar. Rob Preece will offer insights and practices that will make you understand and experience the dynamics of psychological health and spiritual development and their mutual support. For this he will use a variety of typical Tibetan forms of meditation that center around our enlightening quality of helpful kindness, pictured in Tibetan Buddhist culture as a feminine deity called ‘Green Tara’.

*The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra, The Courage to Feel, The Wisdom of Imperfection & Preparing for Tantra

€ 160,- + free donation
KenKon members, Students, Minimal Income: € 120,- + free donation
Prices include lunches and course materials

Saturday 9:45 – 17:30
Sunday 9:45 – 16:30

Spoken language: English

Poster Rob Preece

Nederlandse poster: Poster Rob Preece NL 


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