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Rob Preece

Rob Preece has studied Tibetan Buddhism for many decades under the guidance of great teachers and holds a degree in psychology. During this time he has written four ground-breaking books on the meaningful chemistry between Jungian psychology and Tibetan (tantric) Buddhism: The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra, The Courage to Feel, The Wisdom of Imperfection and Preparing for Tantra. Rob’s style of teaching is oriented towards opening a dialogue around the material that is being explored. This is to maintain a spirit of exploration and creativity in the way tantra is integrated into Western experience, rather than holding to rigid prescriptions of practice.

Awakening Right Intention

During this retreat we will begin to explore the healing of some of our wounding to our sense of self, through developing compassionate presence. On the basis of compassion for ourselves we will develop the practices of tonglen and the meditations for awakening bodhicitta, the aspiration to serve the welfare of others, entering the Bodhisattva path. This retreat will be supported by practices associated with the spiritual archetype or deity Chenrezig.

Learning Objectives

  • Cultivate a healthy sense of self-acceptance through compassionate presence
  • Begin to open the quality of compassionate presence for the sake of others
  • Deepen the experience of compassion and loving kindness through Tong Len (taking and giving)
  • Open the heart of bodhicitta as the intention at the root of tantric practice
  • Take the Bodhisattva Vow


1. Becoming a stable vessel October
10 – 12, 2014
2. Awakening right intention April
17- 19, 2015
3. Discovering the nature of mind October
2-4, 2015
4. The nature of deity yoga April 15-17, 2016
5. Awakening the energy bodyOctober 7-9, 2016
6. Working with the shadowApril 7-9, 2017
7. The masculine and feminineOctober 6-8, 2017
8. The mandala and visions of wholenessApril 6-8, 2018

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(includes 2 lunches & support material):
General fee: € 215
(€ 180 + voluntary donation if paid before 1 March);
Fee for KenKon members, students and those with minimal income:
€ 165 (€ 140 + voluntary donation if paid before 1 March)

Click above for full information about this unique 8 seminar cycle ‘Tasting the Essence of Tantra’ with Rob Preece.

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