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Op deze website vindt u alle praktische informatie over Kenkon, maar ook nieuws en verdere toelichting op de activiteiten en leraren. Bent u nieuwsgierig geworden, of op zoek naar meer informatie, bel of mail dan met één van de contactpersonen. Of kom gewoon langs en doe mee. 

U bent van harte welkom!

Lestijden vaste activiteiten

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Laatse nieuws

Aangepast rooster

Hier opnieuw een mail met een aankondiging van een wijziging van het lesrooster van de KenKon activiteiten.
Alle lessen, behalve de karate-lessen en de Zen-meditatie les op de maandagochtend, zullen voorlopig nog hybride worden aangeboden en dus ook nog online te volgen zijn.

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Nieuw rooster, nieuwe mogelijkheden

Hier opnieuw een mail met een aankondiging van een wijziging van het lesrooster van de KenKon activiteiten.
Alle lessen, behalve de karate-lessen en de Zen-meditatie les op de maandagochtend, zullen voorlopig nog hybride worden aangeboden en dus ook nog online te volgen zijn.

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Harde LockDown

Vanwege de harde lockdown vinden deze week geen groepslessen meer plaats. Vanaf volgende week is het twee weken vakantie. Op uiterlijk 10 januari zullen we laten weten wat we aan kunnen bieden in de eerste week van het nieuwe trainingsjaar. Afhankelijk van wat we tegen die tijd weten over de COVID pandemie en de overheidsmaatregelen.

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Nieuwe COVID 19 zorgmaatregelen

Na de laatste heropening rondom de COVID 19 perikelen hebben we een grote toename gezien van het aantal corona gevallen. Gelukkig nam het landelijk aantal sterfgevallen af en hebben we recentelijk geen nieuwe corona haard meegemaakt op KenKon.

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introductory courses

Introductory courses are made up of ten classes where, at a reasonable pace, you’ll become familiar with the activity in question. Once the course is finished, you can follow two trial classes to get a feel of the real thing. Would you like to keep going to classes, register yourself as a member and you’ll be free to attend classes at any time of the week. Those that already participate in a different activity don’t have to pay separate fees. Instead, they have the option to pay a special fee for 2 (or 3) activities.


What to do and practice at KenKon

Karate (Goju Ryu)

Goju-ryu is a traditional style of karate where both effectiveness in situations of self-defence, as well as a positive contribution to physical and spiritual development play an important role.

Tibetan meditation

Tibetan meditation is simply about spiritual exercise that leads to increased inner peace, concentration, clarity, compassion, consciousness and freedom.


Qigong (pronounced: chi-kung) or ‘Chinese yoga’ is a Chinese system of health exercises that was created thousands of years ago. Literally, qigong means something like ‘exercising life force’.

Zen Meditation

Sitting still, calming your mind, and becoming aware of your surroundings again.


Embodyment is a programme revolved around exploring, valorising and applying the wisdom of our bodies.

Hojo Undo

“Hojo Undo” or “support training” is the traditional strength training of Goju-Ryu. Tools are used in such a way that they provide maximal support for the body in order to practice karate.

Open Conversation Week

Once or twice a year, Sydney Leijenhorst holds an ‘open conversation week’. Everybody, member or non-member, is free to come by KenKon for ‘a good conversation’ of maximum one hour, in exchange for a free donation in the donation box. You are free to send your neighbour, grandmother, or enemy, and it can be about anything you want.

Winter Silent Retreat

In een wereld die steeds chaotischer en meer dualistisch lijkt te worden leert de stilte ons dat alles één is. Wanneer buiten de natuur zich overgeeft aan het ontbindingsproces en opgaan in de aarde, komen we op KenKon om dit proces samen in stilte te delen.

Reading Group Tibetan Buddhism

March 2016 saw the start of the reading group on Tibetan Buddhism, a group of people who want to explore books about Tibetan Buddhism and exchange ideas and thoughts about it with each other.


Aikido (合気道 aikidō), literally “the way of coming together with Ki” is a Japanese martial art with a strong philosophical dimension, developed around the start of the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba.

Dance Improvisation &
Body Release

Since 2013, I have been giving weekly dance and dance-based movement classes at KenKon. Every first class of a cycle is a trial class. If you want to visit on another date, feel free to contact me. See you soon!


Shiatsu is therapeutic massage technique of Japanese origin. It's an enjoyable, lovely, "body-mind" technique using pressure points and different manual techniques to feed body and spirit, and let energy flow.

Intuitive Yoga

With intuitive yoga we work from intuition. It's about opening up yourself and feeling it, rather than trying to accomplish something.

Taiko Wageningen

In early Japan, Taiko, or “drum of drums”, were used in times of war, or as a means to announce the time in the village.

Back Exercises

A diverse and suitable programme for recovery and prevention of problems. Injury-free group gymnastics, for both men and women.

Other Activities

There's more to do


Tibetan Buddhism

Tracks such as: Nalandabodhi and Tasting the Essence of Tantra


Walk-in mornings

All members are free to enter the training areas to practice by themselves or with others. The Northern area will be available for karate practice, the Southern area for Qigong, and the upstairs area for meditation. You are free to use the areas between 9:30 and 12:00


Guerrilla Sessions!

It is in my nature to follow intuition, hunches and dreams, and this summer there was a sudden impulse to start realising previously unexpressed freedom and wishes. This will be done in the form of ad hoc organised training sessions, focussed on specific topics and specific audiences.



Such as: Big Mind, Big Heart Training, Feeding Your Demons Integral Warrior Fitness Five Wisdoms @Work Five Wisdoms @Work Since 2007, KenKon organises trainings with Irini Rockwell around personal and spiritual development. Discover [...] Mindfulness+ Family & Organisation formations Health problems, physical problems, life struggles, and physical diseases can be related to patterns in the family system from which we come and to which we belong for a lifetime. Winter Silent Retreat Ken Zen Ichinyo Integral Spirituality KenKon4Business iDance! DANCING CAN PUT IN MOTION MORE THAN YOU THINK! Dancing is older than the road to Rome. Everywhere in the world […] Radiant Mind, Effortless Being Tibetan Yoga Rock & Water Singing Mantra Integral Get Togethers Zen Days The Integral Impulse The Integral Impulse is the name which we give to new integral sources of inspiration. Sources of inspiration which […]

About KenKon

Since the beginning, KenKon has hosted many Eastern forms of exercise, such as karate, judo, aikido, zen, qigong and Tibetan meditation. Besides this, KenKon offers different activities, such as body work, chime workshops, ‘rock & water training’, dance meditation, consulting and coaching.
At KenKon, Integral Life and Training Centre, you will find charming training areas, a treatment room, changing rooms, showers, an office and a meeting hall. There are bike stalls and parking spaces for cars.

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