Reading group Tibetan Buddhism

March 2016 saw the start of the reading group on Tibetan Buddhism, a group of people who want to explore books about Tibetan Buddhism and exchange ideas and thoughts about it with each other.

In a casual, open atmosphere, we come together for round-table conversations. The conversations will be based on the book we have read, but cover so much more, such as ideas, interpretations, impressions and personal experiences. The conversations are interesting, sometimes serious, but also fun, and with a degree of relativity.

We don’t have a fixed format or schedule. We like to keep it open, casual and welcoming. Everybody is free to propose ideas, topics or books. TheĀ conversations take place at somebody’s home, or at KenKon. We come together once every 6 to 8 weeks.

The focus of the conversations is on books about Tibetan Buddhism, but it can also be about books that are related to Tibetan Buddhism, or other spiritual traditions.


For more information about the reading group, follow the KenKon newsletter (only available in Dutch), website (schedule) or Facebook page. Or send an email.