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Reading group Tibetan Buddhism

March 2016 saw the start of the reading group on Tibetan Buddhism, a group of people who want to explore books about Tibetan Buddhism and exchange ideas and thoughts about it with each other. […]


Aikido (合気道 aikidō), literally “the way of coming together with Ki” is a Japanese martial art with a strong philosophical dimension, developed around the start of the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba. […]

Intuitive Yoga

Intuitive yoga is a modern form of yoga. The difference with ‘modern’ yoga is that intuitive yoga is based on […]

Taiko Wageningen

In early Japan, Taiko, or “drum of drums”, were used in times of war, or as a means to announce the time in the village. […]

Back exercises

Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, you will get an hour-long warming-up and stretching exercises, followed by muscle-strengthening, posture and balance exercises. A diverse and suitable programme for recovery and prevention of problems. Injury-free group gymnastics, for both men and women […]



Walk-in mornings

Walk-in mornings

All members are free to enter the training areas to practice by themselves or with others. The Northern area will be available for karate practice, the Southern area for Qigong, and the upstairs area for meditation. You are free to use the areas between 9:30 and 12:00. When entering the meditation area, please do so quietly. If you bring a guest, please ask them to provide a free donation in the donation box. The terrace and ‘cafe’ will be open for those who just want to drink a cup of tea or coffee. In case one or more areas are hired on Wednesday morning, we will move the walk-in period to another morning. There is no walk-in morning during the Christmas and summer breaks, and on holidays.

Guerrilla Sessions !?!?!

Yes! Guerilla Sessions! It is in my nature to follow intuition, hunches and dreams, and this summer there was a sudden impulse to start realising previously unexpressed freedom and wishes. This will be done in the form of ad hoc organised training sessions, focussed on specific topics and specific audiences. And oh, well, the label ‘Guerilla Sessions’ came with this, and who am I to challenge a hunch?! Out of good will, I tried to find a different term, but nothing could compete with my gut feeling. Sometimes I’m focussed on a particular aspect of Tibetan yoga & meditation, qigong or karate, or something closely related, and I would like to share this right away. Fixed classes aren’t always the right platform, nor am I always keen on protocol, order and conventions. So, Guerrilla Sessions it is then! :)

It will go as follows. When I’m in the right spirit, I will contact (relevant) KenKon members on the what, when, who and how much. In terms of content, sessions will most likely feature one or more of the following aspects: intensity, depth, integration, or unorthodoxy. That’s all I know for now.

The duration of a session will be between one hour and a day? Two days? Some sessions will be open for everyone, some only for a specific group, such as advanced karateka or people with experience in meditation.

Sessions will announced a short time in advance, no longer than a week. Sometimes perhaps only a day in advance. Announcements will be made through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the website and of course: mouth to mouth! Other options such as ‘text’ or ‘whats-app’ are still being explored. If you don’t want to miss an opportunity to join a Guerrilla Session, be sure to keep an eye on our networks – check if the administration has your email, and follow KenKon, or me, on our social networks. Also for non-members.

Costs can vary between € 0,00, a free donation, a donation to a charity, something to eat for after, or something else. In other words: costs are as erratic as the idea itself.
Most sessions will take place at KenKon, though park could also be an option.
Who knows, maybe other KenKon trainers might also give a session some time.

Cheers, and see you soon…

Sydney Leijenhorst

'A Good Conversation'

Once or twice a year, Sydney Leijenhorst holds an ‘open conversation week’. Everybody, member or non-member, is free to come by KenKon for ‘a good conversation’ of maximum one hour, in exchange for a free donation in the donation box. You are free to send your neighbour, grandmother, or enemy, and it can be about anything you want.

Throughout the year, you are also free to come by for ‘a good conversation’. However, these sessions do have a fixed price: € 90,- or € 65,- for KenKon members, students or people on minimum wage.

It’s also possible to arrange a series of ‘good conversations’.



(Tibetan Buddhism)

Tasting the Essence of Tantra

(Tibetan Buddhism)


Big Mind, Big Heart Training

Feeding Your Demons

Integral Warrior Fitness

Five Wisdoms@Work

Five Wisdoms@Work Since 2007 KenKon organises trainings with Irini Rockwell around personal and spiritual development. Discover […]


Family & Organisation formations

Health problems, physical problems, life struggles, and physical diseases can be related to patterns in the family system from which we come and to which we belong for a lifetime.

Winter Silent Retreat

Ken Zen Ichinyo

Integral Spirituality



DANCING CAN PUT IN MOTION MORE THAN YOU THINK! Dancing is older than the road to Rome. Everywhere in the world […]

Radiant Mind, Effortless Being

Tibetaanse Yoga

Rock & Water

Singing Mantra

Integral Get Togethers

Zen Days

The Integral Impulse

The Integral Impulse is the name which we give to new integral sources of inspiration. Sources of inspiration which […]