Class times fixed activities

Mon16:30-17:30youth 8-13 y/oCarl & David
Mon18:00-19:15beginners (adults)Peter Slenders
Mon19:30-20:45advanced (brown belt and up)Sydney Leijenhorst
Tue20:15-21:1535+Sydney Leijenhorst
Wed15:30-16:30youth 8-11 y/oDavid
Wed16:45-17:45youth 11-15 y/oDavid & Wijnand
Wed19:00-20:15all levelsSydney Leijenhorst
Wed19:30-20:30introductory course
(twice a year)
Different yudansha
Wed20:30-22:00free training (4th kyu and up)Sydney Leijenhorst
Fri17:00-18:00youth 14-17 y/oWijnand Meurs
Fri19:30-20:45all levelsSydney Leijenhorst

Integral Warrior Workout/Hojo Undoby
Tue19:00-20:00Integral Warrior WorkoutSydney Leijenhorst
Thu18:00-19:00Integral Warrior WorkoutJan Kroon

Qigong (Chinese Yoga)by
Mon11.00 – 12.00 in the house & onlineqigong [white crane]Sydney Leijenhorst
Mon19.30-20.30qigongChristiana Bairaktari
Thu9.00-10.00 in the house & onlineqigong [18 exercises]Sydney Leijenhorst
Thu10.15-11.15Introduction qigong
(twice a year)
Christiana Bairaktari
Thu19.15-20.15Introduction Qigong
(twice a year)
Alex Tabak
Thu19.15-20.15 in the house & onlineqigong [white crane]Sydney Leijenhorst

Tibetan meditationby
Mon20:45-21:45Tibetan meditationBerry Trip
Tue09:00-10:00 online & in the houseTibetan meditation Sydney Leijenhorst
Thu20:30-21:30Introduction to Tibetan meditation
(twice a year)
Different teachers
Thu20:30-21:30 online & in the houseTibetan meditation Sydney Leijenhorst

Tibetan yogaby
Fri11.00-12.00 (sometimes 14:00) online & in the houseTibetan yoga, English spokenSydney Leijenhorst
Sun20.15-21.30 online & in the houseTibetan yoga classes for highly motivated participants. Topic: tsalung trulkhor and advanced inner yoga.Sydney Leijenhorst

Zen meditationby
Mon6:55 – 8:15Practice sessionEsther Stoffels & Josefien Bos
Wed20:00 – 21:30Introduction to Zen meditation
(twice a year)
Wed20:00 – 21:30Zen meditationOlaf van Kooten

Tue18.30-19.45Bodyrelease courseHarriët Ordelman
Tue20.00-21.30Dance improv courseHarriët Ordelman

Tue17:30-19:30AikidoEdy Kamalski
Wed16:45-17:45Youth 7-11 y/oJeroen Visscher
Wed18:00-19:00Jeugd 12-16 y/oJeroen Visscher
Fri19:45-21:15AikidoEltje Boons

Intuitive yogaby
Mon20:30-22:00Intuitive yogaJacqueline van Steenbrugge