Aikido is a Japanese movement form that developed from traditional martial arts from centuries ago. The goal of traditional martial arts, in a time full of violence and danger, was to survive an attack and incapacitate one’s enemy. This required not only good command of technique, but also control of one’s nerves, so there was much focus on practices to achieve inner peace and harmony.

These ancient martial arts form the basis for contemporary aikido. Now the aim is not to harm the opponent, but to neutralise his attack by using his own force against him.

In aikido you learn to react to strikes and thrusts, and to grabs at the wrist, elbow or shoulders. Sometimes you practice with wooden weapons (knife, sword and stick) in order to learn to work at a distance from your opponent.

By following the movement of an attack, the force of the attacker eventually works against him. The circular and spiral movements give the techniques a graceful look. At the end of a technique, the attacker is thrown or kept under control with a pin at a joint. In general, these pins work with the natural direction of the joint movement.

At KenKon Training Centre the Aikido classes are taught by Aikido school Sankaku. All Sankaku teachers have national diplomas and are members of the Judo Bond (Association) Nederland: Edy Kamalski, 5th dan; Sabine Lebenstedt, 3rd dan; Eltje Boons, 1st dan; Ed van Breemen, 3rd dan; Yvon Mattaar, 3rd dan. Sankaku also provides classes in Arnhem.