Embodyment, making bodily awareness useful

Embodyment is a programme revolved around exploring, valorising and applying the wisdom of our bodies. Unlike our heads, our bodies are much better at telling us who we are, what we want, how we relate to others, and what decisions are right for us. Despite the great amount of information to be found in the world, we barely make use of the source of knowledge which we always carry with us.

The programme consists of periodical body-focussed trainings, in combination with group reflection meetings, individual guidance conversations, and physical treatment.

The founders and organisers of the programme are Michiel+Ivo, who have developed, and keep on doing so, together with Sydney Leijenhorst and Floris Lemmen.

The programme starts every year in October, and takes place at Integral Life & Training Centre KenKon in Wageningen.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is meant for professionals of any kind, who want to increase the awareness of their bodies in a pragmatic and profound way, giving a considerable impulse to the development of their personal leadership.

The price of the yearly programme is €3.500 per participant. This includes 21% VAT for individuals, but excludes it for professional applications. Payment in terms for individuals can be discussed.