Tibetan Meditation

Tibetan meditation, in short, is a spiritual practice that leads to increased inner peace, concentration, clarity, compassion, consciousness and freedom. The main meditations are known as shiné, or mindfulness meditation, lhaktong, or open awareness meditation, and the heart meditation called tonglen, or compassionate exchange. In addition, various meditation forms focus on specific themes such as fear, dreams, love, inner fire, the dying process and the five elements.

‘Tibetan yoga’ refers to physical practices of a spiritual nature or focus. The original meaning of the phrase encompasses not only physical practices, but also all kinds of meditations; here we use the term in its western interpretation.

Tibetan yoga is not well known in the West. Many forms of Tibetan yoga are practised only by the initiated, behind closed doors. In recent times, however, more forms of Tibetan yoga have been made accessible to the public.

We offer on-going lessons on Monday evenings, Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Those with no yoga or meditation experience will find the introductory courses to be an ideal way to begin.