Dear all,

The toekomstvergadering (‘future’ meeting) on 5 July of this year and the results of the survey– both evidence of your support and concern – have inspired me to look more clearly at, and work more consciously on, making KenKon even more helpful, alive and meaningful, in the near and distant future. Some of the enticing plans will come to fruition only if unexpected business developments or miracles cross our path, but some can be realised right away. Yet others we hope to implement in the intermediate or long term.

For now, the first wish is going to come true: starting Wednesday 22 August, all members are welcome at KenKon for open morning practice sessions, alone or with others. The North room will be available for karate training, the South room for qigong practice, and the Upstairs room for meditation. It’s an open morning, so you can come and go as you please, from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon – in the meditation room, of course, comings and goings should be appropriately meditative.

If you bring someone with you, please ask your guest to make a monetary contribution in the donation box in the hall downstairs.
The terrace and ‘café’ will be open to everyone who just wants to come for a cup of coffee or tea.

If a request is received to hire one or more of the rooms on Wednesday morning, the open morning sessions will be moved to a different day.
The open morning sessions will be in effect every week except during the Christmas and summer breaks and on holidays.

Warm regards,

Sydney Leijenhorst

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