Dear IOGKF Chief Instructor and Kambukai members,

Okinawan Karate organizations became one!
I just spoke to Higaonna Sensei and he informed me a wonderful news about Okinawan Karate world.

They just decided to have one united organization for all Okinawan Karate early in this month. 

 There used be 4 major karate organizations in Okinawa.  IOGKF was part of Okinawa Karate Kobold Renee.  But now these 4 organizations joined together and became one united organization.  The prefectural governor accepted his position as a chairman (Mr. Nanaimo.  Actually his father was a student of Chonju Miyagi Sensei).  Chairmen from 4 organizations became vice chairmen.  Higaonna Sensei has been working actively to make this happen.  He is very pleased about this new development.  This means that all traditional Okawan karate organizations and dojo will work together to promote the arts, and to receive more support from Okinawan and Japanese government.  As you may know, IOGKF is the biggest organization in any Okinawan traditional karate organizations.  Higaonna Sensei is well respected among Okinawan karate society for his technical ability, depth of knowledge, and humanity.

This is a great news for all traditional karate-ka.

Tetsuji Nakamura
IOGKF Administrative Director

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