Terry Patten

Terry Patten

Terry Patten is a seasoned Integral
practitioner and teacher. He began walking a “trans-path” spiritual path 35
years ago. His service to others has given him the unique opportunity to
explore the most advanced tools—and the most venerable
traditions—for unlocking human awareness and potential. He has spent
decades as a rational explorer of the states, structures, shadows, and shared
experiences at the frontiers of human evolution. In the process he has also
become a successful entrepreneur, a grass-roots conservationist, and a skilled
business consultant. Today he works primarily as a Integral trainer, coach,
writer, and speaker.

Terry offers Integral Coaching and Integral Life Practice training to outstanding
organizations and individuals who wish to actualize their highest potentials and serve the world effectively, in authentic, deep, meaningful ways. For more
about Terry’s professional services, see TerryPatten.com.

My mission is to help people who are passionate about actualizing their potentials in service of the greater good. I am interested in working with clients who can grow into colleagues. I want to work with people
who are committed to becoming more fully present, awake, open, and effective, cooperating with others to make a positive difference in a complex, challenging, and yet ever-wondrous world.

More Background on The Integral Heart

Integral Agency-in-Communion

  • A short essay on the importance of balancing the “agentic” (masculine, individualist) orientation of many expressions of Integral consciosness, with a balanced and corresponding “communal”orientation (feminine, collectivist).

The AQAL Integral Map and Other Sources of The Integral Heart

  • A summary of the theoretical context of The Integral Heart, including a link to a 40-page PDF by Ken Wilber introducing the AQAL (“All Quadrants, All Levels” model of consciousness, the Kosmos, and human development.

Integral Life Practice

  • General introduction plus link to a preview of the first two chapters of the forthcoming book by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, and Marco Morelli (available in the Fall of 2008 from Integral Books Shambhala).