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White Crane Soft Qigong is one of the most gentle and refined systems of Chinese yoga or energy work (qigong). Although this particular system is part of a broader qigong system that includes hard qigong and is embedded in a Chinese martial art called White Crane Boxing. this seminar / practice day, will mainly address the soft qigong exercises for health, healing and personal and spiritual development.

We will refresh the whole set of movements, breathing methods and meditations that constitute the White Crane Soft Qigong. Additional, you will be guided to experience the subtle and powerful energy work that underlies this set of movements. In addition pointing-out instructions will help you recognize deep, relaxed, embodied and meditative states that ground you at a deeper and freer level in you. All of this will be framed in concise models that hold the underlying view on this practice and its impact.

This seminar / practice day is open only to those who have learned this set of movements before and who are looking forward to diving more deeply into their essence. If you wish to participate but are not familiar with this qigong set, you can gain access through participation in a series of 1 to 5 one-hour private sessions – depending on your background, talent and experience – for a reduced price.

Sydney Leijenhorst has more than four decades of experience in both practicing and teaching various forms of martial, healing and meditative arts. In addition, his background as a physiotherapist and his involvement in modern integral approaches to health, personal development and spiritual practice enable him to offer a broad, deep and integral presentation of this ancient traditional Chinese practice.

Sunday, September 29 , 9:30 – 17:00 h

KenKon Integral Life & Training Centre, Nieuwe Kanaal 11, 6709 PA Wageningen, Netherlands

Fee if paid before August 15th: € 89,-
Reduced fee (KK members/students/minimum income), if paid before August 15th :
€ 69
Fee if paid after August 15th: add € 20.
Fee includes lunch and course materials.
Maximum number of participants: 28

After registration you will receive an invoice. If this is paid and there are still places available, you’re in.

More than 3 weeks before: full refund; more than 2 weeks before: 60% refund; more than 1 week before: 20% refund; less than one week before: no refund.

REGISTRATION & INFO:, +31-(0)317-452946