Laden Evenementen

Zaterdag 13 maart om 15 uur geef ik een tweede extra online sessie over de essentiële principes van onze stijl, voor een internationaal publiek. In de bijlagen vind je verdere informatie en ook al de zoom link. In de bijlagen vind je verder ook een artikeltje dat was geschreven als bijdrage aan de eerste sessie.

Dear Karateka,


As you have previously expressed interest or participated in the online sessions, I share this information with you.

A traditional expression in our karate style is ‘geiko, geiko, geiko’ or ‘practice, practice, practice’. Needless to say that is an essential guideline to follow if we want to master our art. Any art. Equally important is the clarity about theunderlying principles that we follow during our practice. If these are unclear or incorrect, we will not master the art. Our journey will be less fulfilling and we may get disappointed, frustrated or injured in ways that are not necessary.

From a young age, when I started training judo at 12 and teaching it at 16, I was always interested in the underlying principles and how these principles compare with those of other arts. Other martial arts, but also other healing, yogic or meditative arts, from both East and West. I preferred to train hard & smart above hard only or smart only.

Last year I enjoyed sharing these principles in online session with my current and former students, as well as some guests from abroad. Now the crises and its lock downs seem to continue longer than expected, I have decided to offer these classes to a wider audience through some separate, extra sessions.

Session 2

In the first session I touched all three main ways of generating power. Through push-off, release and dropping the body. I hope that those who were present were able to explore it further on their own, and pass on what was  useful and true.

In session 2 I will look at the broader variety of movement- and power qualities that arise from these three ways of generating power. For this I will first look at the traditional concepts like chinkuchi kakin, muchimi, chikara nu nujisashi, etc. In addition I hope to look at an even wider variety of qualities, which includes thrusting power, whip power, swinging power and others. Whereas in the first session we mainly looked at the bodily aspect of generating power, to understand some of these we will have to bring in some elements of the other 2 out 3: breath and mind.


The sessions will be organized guerrilla style: unpredictable times and at short notice. It will be posted on Facebook, but if you you want to make sure you don’t miss it, send an email to and I’ll put you on a list for these sessions.

The sessions are on a free donation basis. Payment options:

– PayPal or Xoom using ‘

– Wire transfer: KenKon, NIeuwe Kanaal 11, 6709PA Wageningen, Netherlands; Bank Account: NL04 ABNA 0447 0282 86

– Your creative solution

Your payments will help KenKon to survive these challenging times.

If you ran out of money, due to the crisis, come anyway and pay with your positive presence.

Language: English

Date & Time: Saturday, March 13, 15 h Dutch time


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 881 6792 8342

Passcode: osogk2


Feel free to share this info through social media, email, etc.


Kind regards,

Sydney Leijenhorst