Laden Evenementen


Meditation & the Yoga of Body, Breath & Mind [Tsalung]
With Sydney Leijenhorst

To achieve Deep Meditation we have to work with the interrelatedness of body, breath and mind [tendrel]. Developing inner peace, increasing mindfulness, evoking compassion, discovering openness and other heart-mind meditations all contain their own blessings, but to realize the full depth and sustainability of meditation we need to include everything we are. Deep Meditation requires that we truly work with our bodily posture; loosen up the core of our body; utilize breathing; and regulate, heal and purify the energy body with its inner winds [energy], channels and chakras. This then becomes a foundation for a deep and sustainable opening and awakening of our mind.

The result of this integral or tantric approach is sometimes referred to as ‘mindness meditation’ to distinguish it from the more basic or superficial ‘mindfulness meditation’. However we need to understand here that the word ‘mindness’ refers to the nondual nature of our mind – rigpa – which transcends the dualistic split of body and mind – or body, energy and mind – altogether.

Deep Meditation connects us to our deepest source out of which all our qualities – such as love, compassion, joy, equanimity, openness or creativity – arise spontaneously.

This day of Deep Meditation will rely upon the practices called tsalung to catalyze the integration process. Literally, tsalung means ‘channels and inner winds’ – or, more freely, ‘the energy[body]’ – which is considered to be the medium of integration between body and mind.

The tsalung used come from the Bön tradition as taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. There is a lot of media – books, audio and video – available that can be used for further study and practice. A media-list will be provided.

Sydney Leijenhorst has 40+ years of experience with meditation. He started his Tibetan Buddhist path with Chrissie Coburn Krzowska and found his root guru in Lama Chime from the Kagyu [and Nyingma] tradition. The teacher from whom he received the most teachings and practices however is Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, with whom he has been practicing and studying for more than 25 years. From him he received many tantric teachings on the six core practices of the Bön mother tantra, the practice of inner fire [tummo], tsalung and Dzogchen.

Date: September 8th, 2019
Time: 9.30 – 17.00 h

For whom?
This day is for motivated people who have at least two years  of ‘more than once a week’ meditation experience, and preferably some experience in embodied spiritual practices such as Tibetan, Chinese or Indian forms of yoga [tsalung, trulkhor, qigong, kumnye, pranayama, hatha yoga etc.]. The day is not open to people who are just curious.

Dutch or English [if there are non-Dutch speakers].

KenKon, Integral Life & Training Centre
Nieuwe Kanaal 11
6709 PA Wageningen

€ 60,- if paid before August 1st [€ 45 for KenKon members, students or people with minimal income, if paid before August 1st ]. If paid after August 1st € 75,- [€ 60,- for KenKon members, students or people with minimal income].
The price includes support materials.

Send an e-mail to or use the website subscription form. After this you will receive an invoice. When this has been paid, your subscription is valid and complete.

We will lunch on the basis of the potluck formula, so everyone is asked to bring something suitable for lunch. Please do not forget this.