Zen meditation is sitting with heart and soul

Ever wondered what it is like not to be bothered by that constant stream of thoughts? Or are you seeking your true self? Zen meditation is an ancient Chinese method for finding the way back to yourself. It involves a journey of both your body and your mind to be in the here and now, in deep peace and trust. Everyone able to sit upright can practice this centuries-old spiritual tradition.

In the major world traditions, spirituality is sought through meditation and contemplation. Zen meditation is a time-tested method, used for dozens of centuries by thousands of women and men to penetrate to the deeper levels of consciousness. Seeking the answer to fundamental life questions has shown again and again that these techniques offer an answer beyond words. Zen meditation is one of the methods that strives to achieve direct experience of the deepest forms of consciousness. Zen tries to point directly at the root of our consciousness – and here we should keep in mind the admonition by a famous Zen master: “When I point to the moon, look at the moon and not at my finger.”

Zen meditation is facilitated by Olaf van Kooten and Frank Dries. Olaf has more than 30 years of experience with zazen under several Zen masters.

Introduction to Zen
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