Integral Life and Training Centre

KenKon is a place where people meet. In a fight, in silence, in a dance, in a conversation or during a lesson, training or seminar. These meetings are about fun, health, awareness, development and learning meaningful skills.

In our training center you will mainly find fellow people with whom you can go for an equal conversation; trainers who can teach you the discipline of your choice and guide you in your training; role models who can inspire you to get more out of your life;  training buddies with whom you can get more out of yourself and each other;  mentors who can help you look at yourself, your being and your life; sources of inspiration that help us look at what we consider impossible and people like you and me who could use some help or encouragement every now and then.

KenKon means ‘Heaven & Earth’ and refers to the balance, contrast, interaction and integration of opposites, which we believe in and look for at KenKon. Such as in yin & yang, masculine & feminine, fiery & calm, strong & soft, autonomous & connected, meditative & ecstatic, and so on. Many of KenKon’s core disciplines work with these basic dynamics of our existence in many ways. The colorful spectrum of our ‘being human’ that emerges from this is also reflected in our logo.

A number of traditions have played an important inspiring role at KenKon for a long time. These are martial arts, yoga and meditation as disciplines, and Tibetan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism as wisdom traditions.