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In a world that’s becoming more and more chaotic dualistic, silence teaches us that all is one. When the outside nature surrenders to its decay and merges with the earth, we gather at KenKon to experience this process in silence.

In the days we share, revolving around meditation, much of our needless, restless or painful business can fade away. Sometimes with heavy inner resistance, sometimes after some digestion, sometimes by itself. In the end, everybody returns to their own, small or big, essences.

At the start of the first meditation session (morning), Sydney Leijenhorst presents a brief instruction of meditation, that can serve as a guidance and catalyst for the day. These instructions derive from the Tibetan meditation tradition of mahamudra.

Mahamudra is often translated as ‘the big gesture’, but can be freely translated as ‘the big embrace [of space]’. Embrace, in this case, means ‘unimpeded sensation’. What the earth is for rotting leaves, is what the space of our spirit is for all that we unconsciously and painfully try to hang on to. It is our ultimate fundament, and sometimes we discover that all and everyone is imbued by it.

The meditation sessions are alternated with walking meditation and sessions of qigong. Moreover, everyone contributes to daily chores.

The 2020 winter retreat starts Thursday the 2nd of January, at 09.00, and ends on Sunday the 5th of January, at 16.00. It is possible to arrive on the 1st of January. We start every day on time. The full retreat takes 4 days. As always, it is possible to stay for a shorter period. We offer the following options.

Option 1: The whole retreat
Option 2: 1 day on Thursday the 2nd of January
Option 3: 2 days on Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd of January
Option 4: 3 days on Thursday the 2nd, Friday the 3rd, and Saturday the 4th of January


Participation costs per day: € 45,00 for members and € 55,00 for non-members. Staying the night: € 5,00 per night (bring your own materials). Prices include food and drinks. Please pay in advance. Joining later on the day is not possible.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation from more than 3 weeks before the start of the retreat: full reimbursement; more than 2 weeks before the start: 60% reimbursement; more than 1 week from the start: 20% reimbursement; less than a week before: no reimbursement. No reimbursements after the retreat.

The retreat is led by Sydney Leijenhorst, and coordinated by Raymond Wiggers.

For more information, please send an email to: KenKonretreat2020@gmail.com or call Raymond Wiggers at 06-48782308