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Out of the Blue Sky karate training 

Tuesday July 16, 10:30 – …….h

Maybe the last one for a while … When we reach a kata you haven’t learned yet, you can bow out, take a shower, and chill out or go home. Or stay and try to keep up until the frustration of not knowing and failure begin to undermine your happiness 🙂

Last year, Sensei Mark, Sensei Niek, Sensei Bart and the undersigned regularly trained extra at different times. One of the reasons was that all four of us went for an exam in Okinawa, during the Chief Instructor Gasshuku. The training made us extra fit and sharp. And because it is nice to be fit and sharp – now and later on Okinawa – I am trying to increase my own training again. Also extra nice for me because my health had to endure quite a bit in the first months of this year. I hope to create a moment a few more times before the summer – like now – in which others can also participate. With my and our trip to Okinawa, and to some more fitness and sharpness.

The training sessions will always be during the day. I understand that this is not useful to everyone, but fortunately for them there are five opportunities per week to train at KenKon in the evening. However, the announcements will be ‘short notice’. This is because I usually have a full agenda and I take my chance when I see an opening. In addition, there is something beautiful and special about spontaneity. The session is open to all karatekas and therefore also from other dojos. The dojo is still free afterwards, so if you want you can continue training a little longer. Or you can chill out for a while and then join Jan Kroon’s Integral Warrior Workout 😊


Sydney Leijenhorst