Introductory course Qigong


10 classes + two trial classes in the regular group Costs: 99 euros (students and low income residents pay 69)

What is the basics course about?

  • Getting to know qigong.
  • Learning exercises and exercise sets to practice at home.
  • Discovering and getting to know the basic principles of qigong.
  • Discovering healthy, natural habits regarding posture, breathing, movement, etc. in your daily life.
  • Developing consciousness of and positively influencing tension, relaxation, breathing, vitality, etc.
  • Developing emotional consciousness and sensitivity.
  • Developing inner calmness, consciousness and concentration through moving meditation.

In case you want to go deeper in terms of personal development, there are options for tracks with more personal attention, including coaching (see below).


What is the value of a support package?

  • More attention to personal health and development in relation to qigong.
  • More room for questions about practice, health, and personal development in relation to qigong.
  • Receiving more personalised advice with regards to your practice and health in relation to qigong.

What is your support package based on?

  • Your motivation
  • Your expectations
  • Which aspects of your health and development you want to improve.
  • The support package can consist of two times a half our, or once an hour intake, coaching or evaluation.


Why follow a coaching track?

  • Outlining multiple aspects of your personal health, life and development on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
  • Gaining insights, advice and exercises that can bring about processes of positive change in your personal, professional or spiritual development.
  • Deepening and integrating previously acquired insights, experiences and exercise material with a bigger change of ‘taking roots’.
  • Finding purpose.


Students and low income residents pay 20% less in coaching fees.


KenKon treats your personal information with care, see our privacy statement

  • You can pay the course fee in cash to the responsible.
  • You can also transfer the fee to the following bank account: NL04ABNA0447028286 of the ABN-AMRO Bank in Wageningen, in name of KenKon, subj. ‘introductielessen Qigong’.
  • The costs of the support package or coaching track should be paid separately to the teacher/coach, either in cash or through bank transfer.
  • In case there are any problems with registration, please send an email to