Anderhalve week geleden trok er een grote storm over het Verenigd Koninkrijk met grote overstromingen als gevolg. Chirssie and David -bij velen bekend van seminars op KenKon- wonen in het getroffen gebied en Wieger heeft hen gemaild om te vragen of ze ok waren. Hieronder enkele stukken uit hun reactie.

“ We have finally moved to Scotland as you know, & still in the process of moving in, with various new situations to deal with in the environment we now live in. We live on a hillside so have not been affected with flooding, despite having an unreasonable amount of water this year in all its forms, we presently have had quite a lot of snow, so it is looking particularly picturesque & a typical Christmas scene.

Please send our love to everyone in The Netherlands & we look forward to when we may meet up, once Sydney is more recovered from his recent operations & we are little more settled.”

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