A journey into the ancient Wisdom of the Elements
through the practice of Tibetan and Chinese Yoga & Meditation

Seminar with Sydney Leijenhorst

9th-11th december 2011

Sydney Leijenhorst has practiced martial arts, meditation and yogic arts for more than three decen- nia. He practiced qigong with various Chinese and European qigong teachers such as Zhang Yu, Lu GuanJun, Shen HongXun, Yang Jwing Ming, Chris- sie Coburn Krzowska and several others. He is deeply connected to several Tibetan Buddhist tradi- tions – particularly the Kagyu and Bön – through which he received another stream of ancient teach- ings on the yogic and meditative awakening of the five elemental qualities of our body-mind. In addition he engages in modern day encounters between an- cient spiritual traditions, modern psychology and today’s culture, that offer their own insights and methodologies.

friday: 20.00-22.00
saturday: 10.00-18.00
sunday: 10.00-15.00

@: thomas_meissner@web.de
Fon: +49 177 7161272
web: www.goju-goettingen.de

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